Zuces is software as a service (SaaS) that allows managers to control and understand the difficulties associated with the human factor.

These difficulties may have a direct or indirect relationship with the correct development of the project or process that it leads.

Zuces shows you a human network that intertwines with others through nodes. These nodes are the number of actions that relates them and shows their difficulties associated with each group of people.

What can you do with Zuces?

Zuces is designed to help those in charge of projects and processes during their work.

The purpose of the tool is to allow you to achieve the expected success through the timely management of the difficulties of the groups of individuals associated with that project or process.

Zuces does not create or control tasks, it is not a manager of activities planned in a defined time and it is not based on a Gantt chart either.

It is an optimizer of processes and projects that shapes, understands and solves problems that are directly or indirectly related to them but from the perspective of individuals.

With Zuces you can build the human network that allows you to visualize and link the actions of the human factor with their respective difficulties.

This tool can be used for the optimization of specific processes of a company or organization.

This is how it can influence entire processes of operating units or only part of it. It covers simple processes up to the most complex or extensive ones, such as those of a company’s manufacturing or manufacturing operation.

Operation of Zuces

Zuces has a portfolio structure, which are folders where you can save the projects and processes that require optimization.

Note that in the free version, you will have the possibility to manage and optimize one process or project.

You can create an account with Google or with a corporate email, depending on your preference. 

Once you have created your first portfolio, you can do the same with your process or project. For that, you will need to identify it and establish the level of privacy policy you want. 

You have three portfolios: 

  • Public for the entire team in this workspace
  • Private for the members of this project
  • Private for personal use

To start managing your project or process, you will need to establish at least one important general objective. You can also add the sub-objectives that you think are convenient.

In order to build the human network, you will need to create the work teams or people who influence it. 

For that, click on “People” and add to all the components of the human factor that participate in your process or project. 

You can add the groups and people you require. The important thing is that you are clear about the participation of each group or person and their influence in optimizing the project or process.

Once you have configured the people, it will be necessary to establish a leader per project or process. Followed by the actions to optimize. 

These actions are the tasks that each person or group must do. Once you create it, you can manage the human network. 

Using the human network in Zuces

Once you have configured the network of people in Zuces, you will see a functional map that shows you the connection between each human component of a process or project, with their respective connection nodes and corresponding associated difficulties.

In that same functional map, you can add the difficulties inherent to each human factor. When you do, the functional map will show you red lines, as a graphic reference to the active difficulty and its influence on the rest of the people.

Having this visual on the functional map will allow you to devise the necessary strategies to optimize the work of your entire team.

You will be able to visualize how a difficulty can affect other people and therefore, you will take the respective optimization actions in a more precise and proactive way.

When that happens, just click on “Enabling Activities”. You can see this option as the master key that unlocks access to the solution you expect to find.

The functionality of the “Enabling Activities” option will allow you to add the activities that you have devised to obtain the solution to the problem that you have detected.

When you add a new activity from this option, you will see how it influences the respective team, therefore, you will be able to know the magnitude of the effect that your possible solution will have.

Also from that option, you will be able to visualize those responsible associated with each action that they are working on.

When your enabling activities are completed according to what you have planned, you only have to click on the box of the actions that you previously established.

When you do, you will see how the functional map, from the view of “enabling activities” is reduced to those that have not yet been resolved.

If you return to the “Functional Map” view, you will see a green line that interconnects with other individuals. This is indicative that you have successfully solved difficulty.

The next option “Agenda of difficulties” is a board with all the people, actions, difficulties, enabling activities and their respective states.

A general compendium of the functional map.

Management tool for success in work teams

Solve and reduce the difficulties associated with the development of your work teams in your organization

Be more productive with Zuces!