The way Zuces works is quite simple and once you understand it, this management tool will be your favorite for the optimization of your team tasks.

That is why we give you the following tips that will be useful for you once you register a user in Zuces.

Features tips

Here are the tips associated with each screen:


Represents the goals and / or purposes to be achieved in the project or process, both for the objectives and the sub-objectives.

You can even add new objectives or sub-objectives as necessary.


It includes all the members of the project team or processes that you develop. They can be internal or external to your organization. Additionally, you can organize them into groups that represent the areas or departments they run.

Keep in mind that, during the evolution of the project or process, you can modify or edit all the data you enter.

Human Network

To configure the human network, you will first have to define a leader, who will have the main responsibility for optimizing the development of the project or process. All activities that will be carried out independently will be linked to it.

It is here where all the activities necessary to put the optimization of a project or process into operation are registered since the links between the people in charge of executing these activities are established.

Those connections or ties are actions, tasks, or any other activity that will have shared responsibility with the leader of the project or process and its members, who in turn will always be aligned with their previously stated objectives.

Operation Map

It is the graphic representation of the human network of the project or process in execution. In this functioning map, the actions, tasks, and activities are linked, which are represented as connections between the executors, together with the difficulties of each one.

The idea of this working map is to provide you with a completely graphic overview in which you can relate, through the different colors, those difficulties, and solutions associated with the execution of each individual.

This is how the difficulties that have not yet been solved will be represented by the red lines, while those that do not represent a major problem will be shown with a gray line.

Meanwhile, those that were settled will be evidenced with a green line.

The objective of this graphic operation is to achieve a map with few or no red lines.

Enabling Activities

In this section, you will see the options that will be established to resolve the difficulties.

For the same difficulty, there may be multiple enabling activities until it is considered resolved.

Here you can also view the colors of the traffic light system, representative of the operation map.

Difficulties Agenda

It shows a list with the updated status of all the difficulties established, with the information related to it.

This function represents the guide so that team leaders and managers can focus on the resolution of difficulties and achieve the optimization in projects and processes expected.

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